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1 Why All on 6 Dental Implants Make Sense

When you lose many teeth, it has a negative effect on your quality of life. You can’t eat everything. You may have problems speaking. You may feel self-conscious about it, preferring not to engage in new relationships or take a chance at a new job.

It doesn’t matter if you lost multiple teeth to decay or an injury,  all on six dental implants can replace those teeth, permanently. And when you’re missing most of your upper teeth, most of your lower teeth or both, all on 6 dental implants are better, though more expensive, than other treatment options, such as:

  1. A dental plate, which is better for one or several missing teeth
  2. Full dentures,  which must be removed and cleaned every night
  3. A dental bridge, which can’t work if you’re missing too many teeth
  4. Single tooth implants, which would require too many posts
2 How You Benefit from Dental Implants

While there are Affordable Dentistry to replace your teeth, none of the alternatives do everything dental implants do. Six implanted posts hold your denture implants in place, and if your dentist is as skilled at implants at those at CitiDental, you likely won’t need a bone graft unless you’ve been without your teeth for some time.

As an all on 6 dental implants candidate, you need to replace a full upper or lower set of teeth — or both! Implants have distinct advantages over dental bridges and dentures. Other ways that you benefit from these implants include:

  1. The implantation surgery is relatively easy, especially compared to individual tooth implants.
  2. With two sets of implants, you get a full mouth of new teeth.
  3. The implants are permanent, so you never have to take them out to clean them.
  4. You can eat whatever food you like.
  5. You regain your confidence and self-esteem with a full set of teeth.
  6. You may even smile more frequently.
  7. Your jaw bone actually grows back to support your new teeth.
3 Getting Your All on Six Dental Implants

The procedure for all on 6 dental implants is similar to other implant procedures. Your restorative cosmetic dentist <Link to Cosmetic Dentistry> at CitiDental in Queens uses state-of-the-art technology, including digital x-rays, and the best materials for your new teeth. The process involves:

  1. A complete evaluation determines that your gums and bones are healthy and that you’re a good candidate for the procedure. You need six implants, so your dentist identifies the best spots to place them for strength and stability.
  2. During the surgery, your dentist implants the six titanium posts into your jaw bone.
  3. During the recovery period, while your bones fuse to the posts, you receive temporary dentures or a bridge. Your all on 6 dental implants can’t be attached permanently until you fully heal from the surgery.
  4. You have to return to your dentist for check-ups. When your implanted posts are secure, the implant dentures are fitted and permanently attached to the posts.
4 Make the Best Decision on Dental Implants

Know what you’re getting when you decide to replace your lost teeth. You have many options, from same-day replacements to the long-term implants. Even if you know you want implants, you still face choices.

Consult with your dentist. Everyone’s needs are different, so make the decision based on what’s best for you. Factors and choices include:

  • Make the choice that most benefits your dental health and lifestyle
  • Determine your comfort level in the functionality and maintenance of your choice
  • Ask if you need single tooth implants or full mouth dental implants
  • Ask your dentists if mini dental implants are an option for you
  • Decide how you want your new teeth to look; appearance has to be a factor
  • How many posts you need to support the artificial teeth — you can choose all on 4, all on 8 or all on 6 dental implants
  • Explore whether you want to save time and money with same day dental implants
  • Make sure you understand what types of dental implant problems you may face
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