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1 Finding the Right Dental Dentures for You

Your dentist’s primary goal is always to preserve your natural teeth, but that’s not always feasible. Some of the causes of losing teeth include:

  1. Poor dental care
  2. Accidents
  3. Heredity
  4. Medical issues that compromise your gums and teeth
  5. Smoking or substance abuse

Since your family dentist also practices state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry, you can be confident that your basic dental needs are completed before you embark on a smile makeover. Your dentist knows your goals, dental history and budget, and so he can ideally design a unique plan for you.

You’ll be introduced to two main types of dental dentures. Which is best depends on your needs and how many teeth need replacing. Options include:

  1. Partial dentures
  2. Complete dentures
  3. Flexible dentures

Some of the more common options you’ll find at CitiDental include:

  • Traditional dentures, used when all your teeth need to be pulled. After the extractions and your gums have healed for up to 12 weeks, you then can receive new dentures.
  • Immediate Denture , also called immediate or one-day dentures, are made prior to getting your teeth pulled. A benefit of this method is that you won’t be without teeth for the weeks it takes to create new dental dentures. This style, however, may need several adjustments to achieve the right fit.
  • Flexible dentures are created from more malleable material that conforms to your mouth. For some, they’re easier to get accustomed to. Flexible dentures come in partial and full sizes.
  • Partial dentures make a good choice if your dentist can save some of your natural teeth. Partial dentures can be attached to a bridge or to a gum-colored base anchored by surrounding teeth. A bridge for partial dentures may be cemented into place or left so that it’s removable.
2 Denture Implants Provide Another Option

Denture implants have becoming more popular recently. They’re attached with a press-on button system to implants and are still removable. The dentures firmly attach to surgical posts implanted in your jaw bone. It allows for a natural appearance while eliminating problems like slippage and rubbing that can lead to discomfort and sores. Talking is natural too, due to the secure attachment.

Denture implants usually mean a higher dentures cost and a surgical procedure to install the implants. And you can’t get them on the same day. You may believe, as many others do, that the investment is worth it, even though you can’t get the benefit of one day dentures.

3 Denture Repair May Be Necessary

Lifestyle habits also play a role when deciding which denture option is ideal for you. For example, if you’re accident prone or a bit absentminded, you may do better with secured or fixed dental dentures. Dental repair technology is so advanced you’ll be able to get repairs quickly no matter if they’re fixed or removable.

Keep denture repair costs down by following your dentist’s care instructions closely. Common issues that may require dental repair include:

  • Chipping
  • Breakage from dropping them
  • Damage as a result of wear and erosion
  • Improper care
4 Get Affordable Dentures at CitiDental

The American Dental Association reports that “dentures make it easier to eat and speak better than you could without teeth — things that people often take for granted.” Even if you believe you can’t afford the best dentures, your dental team can work with you to make payments or find suitable teeth replacement options. Most insurance policies cover a portion of your dentures cost. Some even pay the whole dentures cost. And if you take good care of your dentures, they last for many years.

Regular fitting visits and oral checkups at your dentist ensure your dentures and gums remain healthy. Gum tissue breaks down as you age, so it’s wise to get them checked every few years to make sure you’re getting the maximum function and comfort from your investment. Smile with confidence and improve your overall health with the quality oral care you receive from the experienced team at CitiDental.

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