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CitiDental offers affordable dental care for all your basic oral needs. Their services include pain prevention and checkups, as well as:

  1. Fillings for a hole in your tooth
  2. Root canal for times when you have extensive decay
  3. Emergency dental services after a sports injury or accident
  4. Quick, affordable dental procedures to treat trauma to your teeth, like repairing a broken tooth
  5. Sedation solutions when simple numbing isn’t enough

Your access to affordable dental care doesn’t have to end there, either. The team at CitiDental also provides a complete array of affordable dentistry cosmetic procedures whether you need affordable dentures or teeth whitening. Your family dentist offers it all. Cosmetic options that may be in order may include:

2 Healthy Teeth Do So Much for You

Your family cosmetic dentist has received training in pediatric dentistry.  You can bring your children into the office as soon as their baby teeth erupt. A pediatric dentist puts your kids on the road to a lifetime of healthy dental hygiene habits.

You or your parents may need affordable dentures and implants. And your teens might be ready for teeth straighteningOrthodontic treatment from CitiDental specialists also provide your family with options such as:

  • Clear braces for those who don’t want traditional metal braces
  • Invisalign, which is a great option for those in your family who are disciplined enough to follow a strict treatment plan
3 Affordable Dental Services for Your Whole Family

Implants are composed of titanium screws usually about 3mm to 6mm in diameter. They mimic your tooth’s root. It takes two surgeries to complete the dental implants for dentures process. First, the implant is placed in your jaw bone. Then, the abutment teeth are prepared to hold the dentures.

It can take anywhere from three to six months for your bone and teeth to heal after surgery. The screw must fuse with your gums and the underlying bone to successfully hold implants in place. While you wait for your mouth to heal, expect to undergo frequent checkups. You also may be given a temporary denture while you wait.

4 A Clear Choice for Dental Implants

For Queens residents, CitiDental accepts the full range of dental insurance plans, from dental PPO coverage to airline and bank PPOs and dental insurance plans through unions. During your first visit, we discuss your goals and expectations, as well as your budget. Whether you need affordable dental implants or flexible dentures, we work with you to find the best options.

Dental procedures are covered by insurance policies when they’re medically necessary. Additionally, when you need cosmetic dental procedures to produce that winning smile and subsequent confidence, the team at CitiDental is here for you! Contact our practice now.

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