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1 Today’s Braces

If you’re looking to straighten teeth without braces, you have your reasons. You may be older and concerned about people seeing your efforts or mocking your late-stage braces. Maybe you just don’t care for the way braces look and are seeking other options.

Talk to your Queens dentist about orthodontic options like ceramic braces that give you the same results as more traditional metal braces, but are barely noticeable. They’re just as effective, even though they may to cost a little more.

Lingual braces may be your best option if appearance is the main reason you desire to straighten teeth without braces. They work the same as old-fashioned braces, but are applied to the backside of your teeth, which makes them entirely invisible. The one drawback is that lingual braces may feel awkward for a while because your tongue constantly rubs up against them. Once you get accustomed to lingual braces, though, you don’t even notice.

2 Aligners and Retainers as Options

A retainer usually is thought of as a device to keep teeth in place after they’ve been straightened. But a retainer for teeth straightening is an entirely different process. Retainers for teeth straightening are wire structures put directly into your mouth around your teeth. They’re adjustable and can be taken out while eating. The problem is they’re uncomfortable and allow bacteria to easily develop. It’s common for people to stop wearing a retainer for teeth straightening due to the strict discipline they require.

Aligners, on the other hand, refer to clear plastic devices used to straighten teeth. A popular brand used at CitiDental is called Invisalign. Invisalign for straightening all your teeth as well as overlapping front teeth is ideal. It involves using a clear plastic mold that’s taken of your teeth. Every couple weeks or so, you receive a new Invisalign mold created from an updated mold of your teeth in their current position. Some prefer to use Invisalign just for overlapping front teeth. The aligners are virtually invisible and also conveniently removable for eating and brushing.

3 Choose the Best Option for You

Teeth straightening is big business. You may feel overwhelmed after reading about all the alternatives and their benefits. That’s why it’s important to be able to rely on your family dentist to help you choose your best option. The choice often depends on your preferences as well as your insurance coverage and your budget.

Traditional metal braces typically are the least expensive. Talk to your family dentist who also practices cosmetic dentistry — he already knows your history and can take into consideration both your dental health and your appearance.

4 Teeth Straightening Considerations

Oher considerations when choosing the best approach to teeth straightening include what type of problem needs fixing. For example, repairing overlapping teeth takes into account different factors than just straightening crooked teeth. Invisalign for overlapping front teeth may be the best option for your lifestyle, but Invisalign may not provide the same results as traditional braces.

Costs often play a role in your decision as well. Your Queens dentist is committed to offering your family and you affordable dentistry as much as possible. Additionally, there may be other dental needs that need addressing before you can even get braces. Your overall costs increase with these treatments and may factor into your decision. For instance, you might need:

Whether your teenager needs teeth straightening and you’d just as soon she wear traditional braces, or you’re ready to join the fast-growing cadre of adults choosing teeth straightening today, your dentist helps you find the best solutions for everyone.

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