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1 Common Reasons Leading to a Tooth Extraction

You may need teeth extractions when extensive damage has already developed in your mouth. Pulling teeth is a last resort; saving natural teeth always is a priority with your Queens family dentist. A broken tooth extraction may be required if a tooth is chipped or split beyond repair or if saving it would be too costly. Teeth extractions typically are the most effective dental option when multiple teeth are damaged beyond repair.

Sometimes, an emergency tooth extraction is needed to stop a tooth infection from spreading or as a result of serious gum disease. Alternatively, tooth removal may be needed to give other teeth room to properly grow in straight. That’s one reason wisdom tooth removal is so common. As your dentist also practices cosmetic dentistry, he may recommend tooth extraction for cosmetic reasons.

2 Reduce Complications

Teeth extraction is performed safely with as little discomfort as possible at CitiDental where you have techniques such as advanced sedation available. One potential risk associated with tooth removal is tooth extraction infection if bacteria get into the wound following surgery. Signs of tooth extraction infection include:

  1. Fever
  2. Worsening pain
  3. Pain that spreads throughout your face
  4. Nausea

Follow aftercare instructions to prevent tooth extraction infection, but call your dentist early if you suspect anything might be wrong. It’s possible that if you worry about infection and aren’t good at following post-surgical instructions to the letter, your dentist may give you a prescription for antibiotics prior to the procedure. Ideally, though, it’s best to follow the dentist’s orders and keep all follow-up appointments so he can check on your progress and spot any difficulties before they can occur.

3 Cost of a Tooth Extraction Procedure

Once you need a tooth extraction, get it done quickly rather than wait and risk more serious consequences. Your Queens dentist can provide a cheap tooth extraction, as well as options for how to replace the missing tooth or find suitable alternatives if you lose more than one. The restorative dentist at CitiDental always tries to offer you and your family affordable options so you can get the care you need and remain within your budget.

There’s a good chance that you’ll have few out-of-pocket expenses if you don’t need additional procedures. Insurance usually covers a broken tooth extraction following an accident or when pulling a tooth is medically necessary. Most cosmetic extractions aren’t covered by insurance, however, such as when you opt for implants, or support for a new set of dentures.

4 Teeth Extraction Recovery and Aftercare

No matter what type of additional dental work you plan on getting, it’s vital that you first heal properly following teeth extractions. Otherwise, cheap tooth extraction will be the least of your problems. Infections, bone loss and the need for additional teeth extractions could be warranted if you don’t follow aftercare instructions closely.

While you may experience slight pain after a tooth extraction, your dentist provides you with necessary prescriptions for pain and recommends the best over-the-counter options to reduce risks. Instructions following tooth removal primarily involve a few dietary changes that you only have to follow until you’re fully recuperated. These include:

  1. Trying to minimize disturbances like heavy brushing around the extraction area
  2. Avoiding crunchy, brittle and sticky food
  3. Chewing on the opposite side of your mouth
  4. Avoiding smoking
  5. Staying away from carbonated drinks and very hot beverages
  6. Keeping your mouth clean by practicing oral hygiene procedures recommended by your Queens dentist
  7. Staying calm, knowing that soon you’ll be back to normal
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